HustlerTalk # 4 - Bootstrapping a SaaS Product till Profitable

Episode Nov 24, 2020

Kyaw Linn Oo is a software developer turned entrepreneur. He is now building a company called EventNook which aims to make a positive impact on organizing events and people.

Kyaw Linn Oobootstrapped the company from scratch without any fundraising and made it profitable until before the Covid-19 pandemic. In the Hustler Talk episode #4, Kyaw Linn will be sharing his 10-year journey with building the company, some key lessons learned from selecting the problem, finding the customers, defining the features to build the Minimum Viable Product (MVP), and iterate as the market evolves.

At the moment, Kyaw is looking for beta testers to use his new product called UserRoll. If you are an event organizer and you need a more than registration link for a video conference via Zoom, he is happy to support you.

You can reach out to Kyaw via LinkedIn

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Kyaw would recommend these 5 books for founders


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